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Me, myself and I

I remember my mum telling people I was born a hodophile. I have always liked travelling, meeting new people, listening about different cultures. My mum sparked an incredible thirst for knowledge in me, meanwhile my dad used to show me banknotes from different countries and tell me stories from his travels. Since Day 1 I have believed my life couldn't happen only in Slovakia (however, Spain was not on my list ...)
Thanks to my love for English I have been able to travel since I was a child. My first big trip was to Germany, as an exchange student. Then, thanks to English I was able to reconnect with my family in America, which was followed by an amazing holiday to San Francisco (check out my Gallery below) and Los Angeles. After that I went to Germany again, later London, Dunoon, I met my better half and moved to Spain. But the fun did not stop there! After a challenging year in Málaga I moved to Aberdeen (Scotland), where I got my Masters degree meanwhile I was working at Hilton Treetops Hotel. It was an amazing experience and I learnt a lot. Later, I decided to make a change and work in a local restaurant called Café 52, where after just couple of months I became its supervisor. I was able to work with amazing and hard-working people and once again, learnt a lot.
My hodophile personality took me to Barcelona, where the real fun began. During that year I was working on my final project for the University of Aberdeen, studying at the University of Barcelona as a Seneca student, I was working hard to finish my degree in Málaga AND I was also working more or less 20hrs/week in an academy in Cornella. As you can imagine, I do not remember much from that year, just that I was extremely tired. Not everybody can juggle three universities at the same time and work a part-time job. But I did it and thanks to that I am now here, in Málaga, working on my dream to own one of the best language centres in Spain one day. I have learnt a lot on my travels and journeys and I owe it all to English. It can be a powerful tool if you know how to use it and it can lead you to places you have never even considered! Mind you, Spain was always connected with holidays in my mind, not as my future home, where I would be offering 'clases de inglés'.
The world is out there, the tools are at your hands. Will you use them?

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Málaga, Spain